16. Loan Estimates: Loan Costs

by Local Title

When evaluating your Loan Estimate, it’s crucial to comprehend the various loan costs outlined in the document. These costs encompass fees associated with the loan process and play a significant role in the overall financial picture of your real estate transaction. Here’s a breakdown of the key loan costs you’ll encounter:

Closing Costs

Closing costs are fees incurred when the title of the property is transferred to the buyer, officially making them the legal owner. These costs cover various expenses related to the closing process, including title search fees, appraisal fees, attorney fees, and recording fees. Understanding closing costs is essential as they can significantly impact the total amount you pay at closing.

Origination Charges

Origination charges are fees collected by the lender for facilitating the loan process. These charges may include fees for handling the loan application, processing the loan documents, and underwriting the loan. Origination fees, specifically, represent compensation paid by the creditor to the entity that originated your loan. By understanding origination charges, borrowers can grasp the lender’s fees associated with obtaining the loan.


Points, also known as discount points, are fees paid to the lender at closing to lower the interest rate on the loan. Each point typically represents 1% of the loan amount and results in a lower interest rate over the life of the loan. Points are considered prepaid interest for the buyer and are usually tax-deductible. Understanding points allows borrowers to assess whether paying additional upfront costs for a lower interest rate aligns with their financial goals.

Underwriting Fees

Underwriting fees are payments made to the lender for assessing the risk associated with the loan. Lenders evaluate various factors, including the loan specifics and the borrower’s financial characteristics, to determine the likelihood of repayment. Underwriting fees compensate the lender for this risk assessment process. Understanding underwriting fees provides insight into the lender’s evaluation of the loan’s creditworthiness and the associated costs.

Navigating Loan Costs

By comprehending the loan costs outlined in your Loan Estimate, you can make informed decisions about your real estate financing. Carefully review each cost itemized in the document and seek clarification from your lender if any aspects are unclear. Understanding loan costs empowers borrowers to budget effectively and negotiate favorable terms during the loan process.

Understanding the loan costs detailed in your Loan Estimate is essential for navigating the real estate financing process. By familiarizing yourself with closing costs, origination charges, points, and underwriting fees, you can make informed decisions that align with your financial goals and ensure a smooth loan transaction.